About Us

Simply Transact

Amaa-el-FNA, Marrakesh, Morocco

Company Background

TrustPay provides online vendors with a simple, single interface to unlock many new payment methods found in emerging markets. Our services allows merchants and payment service providers (PSPs) to either compliment or standardise their existing payment acquiring and includes local mobile monies and wallets.

TrustPay collects together various mobile wallets and presents them to our merchants in a single API. This allows merchants and PSPs access to many payment sources, currencies and new markets. This also allows their customers to use the payment source they prefer or are familiar with in making a payment.

TrustPay is not an App, developers and merchants integrate the API into their App or website directly. Consumers do not need to sign up for TrustPay, they self select the payment source they wish to use.


Engagement Process

Integrations made easy!

Contract the payments sources directly

There are AML and compliance requirements in every country.

Instantly Convert Currency

OEM Integrates into our API set

Makes all of these methods directly available to the merchant's customers in a variety of formats.

Mobile Friendly

Select format methodologies

QR Codes, USSD, WAP, Web, Bank Cards and more

No Hidden Costs

Payment source settle the merchant directly

We do not move the money.

Seamless Integration


Our Team

We are highly skilled and experienced at developing and maintaining advanced technological services and systems. Our collective array of degrees and experience span mathematics, technology, ICT and banking as well as our highly regarded inter-personal skills that make for a great working environment and one that our clients enjoy interacting with.