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Are you the same company as Trustpay.eu?

We are www.TrustPay.biz, a company that helps merchants get access to difficult to get payment sources.

The company you are looking for is www.TrustPay.eu, a banking company that provides a range of payment services to consumers.

Our two companies are not related at all, we have no relationship, we just happen to share parts of our name.

Does the customer of the merchant have to sign up for TrustPay?

Consumers do not need to sign up for TrustPay, we simply present them with a variety of payment sources and they self select the one they wish to use.

Is TrustPay an application?

We do not use nor need an App, developers and merchants integrate the TrustPay API into their App or website directly.

What are your rates?

The respective payment sources will charge the transaction acquiring fee and banking directly to the Merchant. Our fees are 3 US cents per transaction. We invoice our charges directly to the Merchant.

Do you favour any payment source over another?

No, Trustpay does not favour any payment source over another.

How secure is TrustPay?

Your transactions via TrustPay are secured by using best of breed technologies and tools. Most of our mobile payment implementations require two-factor authentication to improve security. No sensitive consumer data gets stored by us, so it cannot be stolen.

How does it work?

TrustPay can be compared to Paypal – we collect together various mobile wallets and present them to our merchants in a single API. This allows merchants access to many payment sources, currencies and new markets. This allows customers to use the payment source they prefer or are familiar with in making the payment.

What is TrustPay?

TrustPay is a payments connector that provides online Merchants with a simple, single interface to unlock many new payment methods found in emerging markets. Our services allows merchants to either compliment or standardise their existing payment acquiring and includes local mobile monies and wallets.

We specialise in emerging markets.